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  1. shubham nayak says:

    Sir i am resident of uttarakhand and i come under obc central list of uttarakhand. Is there any difference between central government list and central list of uttarakhand???

  2. vishal limabad says:

    OBC certificate of one state is applicable to all state of India ?

  3. Raj jat says:

    I had left my previous job and then applied for OBC certificate.
    The income on 31-3-2015 is less than 6 lacs under salary head without taking into account the departmental perks, which otherwise crosses 6.00 lakh.
    Is it a valid criteria for income calculation.
    I have also resigned from my job in june-2015 and applied and got my OBC certificate after the date of relieving from the previous employer.
    Besides, my father had retired in 2007 as a head clerk under VRS from a closed ( by State Govt) PSU Of state and is getting no pension or any sort of income; infact, is a dependant on me.

    Is my OBC certificate valid.
    Can there be any objection from recruitment board of other central govt deptt where I have applied.
    I have also came across a memorandum where in it is mentioned that it is parents job or position which.defines criteria for NCL of children.
    I belong to J& K

    please guide

  4. ved prakash says:

    I have OBC certificate issued by Uttar Pradesh Govt. Due to admission in Delhi University after seeing my OBC certificate official told to bring the Central OBC certificate. I am so confused that who will issue the Central OBC Certificate & how we get tjis certificate. I have Both gazette of central & sate in which my caste is included. please help me

  5. vidhi says:

    Sir I have completed my 12th from Delhi. Now I want to pursue my career in engineering . I am applying for Delhi engineering colleges. For admission from obc quota they require obc certificate issued by nct Delhi. My parents are from up. My obc certificate has been made and issued by nct Delhi. I have checked the nct Delhi obc list and my name was there. But still I am not confirm is it legally correct or not?

  6. Deepak Kumar says:

    Sir my OBC-NCL certificate is dated 13/06/14. In the IPU counselling procedure they have written that it should be issued in current financial year. What does that mean and what should I do. Am I not eligible as a OBC-NCL candidate or else.

  7. Sir I am from jharkhand but my father is from punjab.But my father migrated from punjab to jharkhand in 1970s and does not carry any obc certificate. My caste is included in central obc list punjab but not in central obc list jharkhand. I want to make central obc certificate so where should I apply for the same ?

  8. Dyaneshwar Chavan says:

    sir i am in maharashtra my cast in OBC in maharashtra list. sir my OBC cast name is not yet in Central OBC List, can i apply to central govt jobs in OBC reservation. Kindly clarification

  9. tanya says:

    my obc certificate is issued by central government of india
    and I have done my 12th from delhi to get the state benefit.
    And the caste to which I belong doesn’t come under obc in delhi zone.
    So will I be eligible for reservation for admission in delhi college of engineering? ??

  10. sunil chaudhary says:

    i have got obc certificate and its in the national list of obcs. i got the certificate done from uttar pradesh. i am now lving in mumbai. i need to obtain a non creamy layer certificate for admssions in colleges if i submit my obc certicate. how can i obtain this non creamy layer certificate? will they make this for me in mumbai or it has to be done from uttar pradesh itself?

  11. Ajju says:

    Sir, I belong to Jaat community. This year it was brought under OBC list for central govt. Jobs. Now the thing is my father is a PSU employee and our annual income fron salary is more than Rs 6 lakh. I came across a memorandum specifying that income from salary is not included while calculating annual income for the creamy layer benefit. On the other hand a friend said PSU employees’ dependants are not entitled to OBC reservation.. Kindly throw some light on this scenario and tell whether I can avail OBC -NCL??

    • obcGuru says:

      The notification says that the equivalence of posts in government and other would be decided. Where the equivalence is not decided in that case, income shall be considered. However Non Creamy Status is on Grade of parent in Govt service. for direct class 1 recruit, the children are creamy.

  12. Ananda Roy says:

    I have OBC NCL certificate issued from Bihar govt. cause of it’s my ancestral place. My cast is Amat which is present in Central OBC list. Now I am living at West Bengal where my cast is not present in west Bengal OBC list.

    I want to fill up a exam form for a job of WBSEDCL where mention “Candidates in the category of ST, SC and OBC from State other than West Bengal will be treated as Unreserved candidates. These candidates will not enjoy any other relaxation interms of application fee, Age, and cut-of marks criteria.”

    In that case I have required OBC certificate issued from West Bengal State but my cast is not present in west Bengal OBC list. Can I get an OBC certificate from West Bengal government? And if yes, then can you please tell me the complete procedure.

    Please guide me.

  13. revathi says:

    i belongs to obc.i got obc certificate in October.but as per ibps clerk notification obc should by before September. if I got selected for interview is there any problem with this ? if yes. what I have to do?

  14. Karthika says:

    Hi, i am from OBC category married, as per my husband’s salary i am in NCL. But my fathers last 1 yr income is greater than 6 lakh. which salary cert i have to show to get an OBC NCL certificate?

  15. kriya says:

    sir, i belong to OBC category.In AIPMT for OBC only 850 seats are reserved whereas for GEN 1500 seats are there so should i apply for OBC reserved seats or GEN seats (as general there are 1500 seats which are more than no of reserved seats in OBC)?

  16. nabin says:

    sir i am a government service aspirant my father is a central govt employee and holds a post in group c but his annual income is more than 6 lakshs per annum so sir my question is am i applicable for obc non creamy layer certificate.??

    • obcGuru says:

      You are NON CREAMY OBC
      The salary of government servant is not considered for deciding creamy layer, however the status of the government servant is a deciding factor for creamy layer. Sons and daughters of direct Class 1 or Grade A are under Creamy Layer. For a government servant category 2 or category 3 are applicable.

  17. Md Masud says:

    I am Md Masud Molla.My community comes under obc central list.My certificate issued on 04.04.12 obc- ncl.can I apply by this certificate in ibps as an obc candidate. please inform me.last date of form fill up is 09.12.14

  18. K.Geetha says:

    Kindly intimate if there is any validity period for OBC-NCL Certificate. Whether a NCL certificate issued on 25.9.2009 can be accepted for jobs in Central Govt. for recruitment against vacancies for the year 2012- Kindly give an early reply.

  19. pinky says:

    sir , i am attending IB interview my obc certificate doesnot contain “FORM OF CERTIFICATE TO BE PRODUCED BY OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES APPLYING FOR
    THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA “ and self declaration,,, remaing proforma is same will it be a problem please clarify

  20. sonia pal says:

    hello Sir, i am from west bengal.i have obc certificate of dec 2011.i cleared ibps clerk 3.but in time of interview it is mentioned that certificate should not one year old and containind non creamy layer clause.my caste is KUMBHAKAR.now what i am doing ?plz tell me the procedure &where i get format and then what i m doing.pls help me sir…

  21. subramonian says:

    hai sir, my father is dead while i was four years . i have my BC certificate dated 2008. i have applied for the post of postal assistant in postal dept. last date of the application was 25-09-12. i indicated my category as OBC . But i got my first obc certifiate on 10-05-2013.the date of declaration of results was 05-10-2013. i was declared a successful candidate securing higher marks than the last OBC candidate. at my certificate verification they asked for my older OBC certificate. at this point they not rejected me. If i file a case in the court in the future will be declared successful. but there are certain court orders regarding this issue and the candidate was declared sucessful

  22. sukriti says:

    I am an agrahari-vaishya and a resident of West Bengal. But my ancestral place is in Jharkhand. I got an certificate from Jharkhand. Do i need to get a certificate from West Bengal government? And if yes, then can you please tell me the procedure? But my category is not under the state list of West Bengal.

  23. sonu says:

    I am an OBC NCL candidate I have got my OBC NCL certificate on 01.01.2010 from West Bengal Govt. and in the same year i have got selected In Allahabad Bank as PO Now I want to appear in SSC Exam as an OBC NCL candidate.
    As almost 4 years has passed I think My old OBC NCL certificate issued in 2010 in State Govt. format is not valid for central govt. job.
    Therefore I have requested our SDO office to issue me a new OBC NCL certificate in central govt. format.
    They have told me to write an application to SDO providing the reason for asking Such certificate along with 2 copy of format in which I require New OBC cetificate
    I have following questions
    1.From where I will get the Central govt. OBC NCL formate
    2.Is it necessary to renew My OBC NCL certificate every year

  24. Santosh says:

    Sir I am from Karnataka my caste is Maratha which is III B Other Backward Class in karnataka state government list, but it is not fall OBC in central Government list, to apply UPSC examination age limit is 30 for General category now i attended 30 Age in that I attended two time Interview but not cleared Civil service Exam, Can I get OBC reservation in Central list to take one more attempt as I am OBC from Karnataka state Government Kindly suggest early i am so Confused

    • obcguru2012 says:

      Maratha caste is basically from Maharashtra and not included in Maharashtra State list and central list Hence though you are OBC in Karnataka, Open in central.
      Various organisations are agitating to include it in OBC list

  25. SONA SOMAN says:

    sir, i belong to ezhava community kerala.my father joined as asst engineer. den he is promoted as exe.engineer gazetted ,grade 1 while he was 47 years old.my mother is high school teacher grade 3..can i get non creamy layer certificate for applying in upsc civil service exam.their conbined income is around 7 lakhs..whom should i approach and with what all documents…pls provide the link….thanks in advance ..

  26. Sonali Kumari says:

    Sir, my father is an army man and i belong to jharkhand but living in punjab . i have to fill my AIPMT form 2014 , where i have to mention my domicile,
    so please help me- what to fill..

  27. Nur says:

    I have an obc ncl certificate issued in my name n i come under Mappila category in kerala .I am an iit aspirant. Also i am an nri n i did my schooling abroad.I want to know if my application will get rejected at the time of admissions if i write the exam under obc?
    Can i give my name under obc or do i have to give in general?
    Ill have to submit my 10th n 12th certificates at time of admission in which it is clearly mentioned that i am an nri ..
    pls reply me asap ..

  28. surjakanta says:

    i am a self employed and i belong to obc category in non creamy layer, recently i got married ans she belong to general category. but she is staying with me. will she can get obc category too?

  29. sunil Pradhan says:

    Is Our OBC Leaders and people too helpless to fight for the reservations in promotion. when we OBC are 52% of the total population share only single digit figure in each group A,B,C & D. In this election scenario can’t we demand support from political parties to raise our voice in parliament.

    • obcguru2012 says:

      OBC are dumb. Dont know anything about their rights. Agitations against Obc are done by OBC.
      Every clerk in the Tahsil/ collector office is asking for income certificate though it is not applicable for children of Govt servants. Officers and clerks are yet not knowing the criteria and no one doing anything against them. We are trying our best to educate people about their rights of NCL and OBC. 32 years were required to [pass to get OBC right in services and resources and there after 52 percent get 27 percent reservation with well defined hurdles of Creamy Layer

  30. prabha says:

    The IIT JEE main offline exam centre/ slot for online date are allotted based on the application of first come first he basis. The OBC certificates has to be taken a fresh for validity etc it takes time for the OBC certificate to be obtained by the candidates. (It is better to take certificate first and apply to avoid later problems). Due to this OBC candidates will apply later. Meanwhile all slots or centre will be filled up by other candidates,for good centers of offline exams and good days of online exam. To solve this problem in crowded centre of ofline exam / crowded date of on line exams the allotment should be done according the percentage of reservation for OBC/SC.ST. For example if a crowded location can accommodate 10000 candidates it should be seen at least 2700 persons of OBC allotted.

  31. sunny kumar says:

    i am obc candidate of bihar.my father is service man and his income under five lakhs.some reason they selled own land with house.now i have no any residence and leave in departmental quarter of my father.
    can i get obc certificate.

  32. satya deva verma says:

    Iam a manager in up cooperative bank and wife is asst teacher in primary school. Evolution of post is not done in my bankand my own income is not six lacs in previous 3 years .my querie is 1.wheather my wife income be clubed toghether to decide ncl for my son appearing in IIT

  33. deepa says:

    Dear sir, my father is working as a scale 3 manager in indian overseas bank. i’m an obc candidate .do i fall under creamy or non creamy layer? please reply as soon as possible sir

  34. ankita chaudhary says:

    I will be very obliged if you can clear my confusion.I am to appear for jee mains 2014 and i am confused about the OBC -NCL criteria.My caste comes under the OBC category state list as well as the central list. MY father is an Allahabad bank employee and his salary is 650000pa and my mother is a government school teacher , Her salary is 400000pa . WILL I come under the OBC-NCL category.? I belong to Uttar Pradesh state.

  35. Dhirendra Kumar says:


    I am serving Indian Navy as Lieutenant Commander and plan to appear for CSE. Am I Elligible for OBC non creamy layer?. My details as follows:-
    1) My father annual income 3 LAkh per annum. He retired as MCPO (equivalent Subedar in army)
    2) My annual income 10 Lakh per annum.

    As per rules I think I am eliigible.But tehsildar who need to issue says you are not non creamy layer as your own income is high. When probed through RTI, he is trying to refer me to other departments as delaying tactics. What can be done? Kindly guide!..


  36. rahul dingankar says:

    my caste is kunbi which is accepted by central list… but i have caste certificate from the state of maharashtra… is it necessary to apply in delhi for central caste certificate ? or the state caste certificate is enough? i’m seeking for admission in IIT or NIT…

    • obcguru2012 says:

      Bhaiyya dingankar jethun tu state certificate ghetles tithech he pan milate. tyana sangayache central form de. Central institutes like IIT, NITS require Central certtificate

  37. Shekhar Anand says:

    Sir, My father is Sr. Manager (Scale III) in Bank Of India (govt. PSU bank) earning salary as 8 lacs per year. We don’t have any other source of income. His current age is 58 years and he joined bank as an clerk and got promotion to scale II after 40 years i.e in 2002. I want to know whether I am eligible for NCL certificate.

  38. rahul says:

    sir, i have obc ncl certificate issued by rajasthan govt. but im giving jee 2014 & it is asked to be in obc ncl central list. how to check whether i belong to obc central list & how can i get central list certificate

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