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This web site is for information on OBC matters. You may find useful information on this site. obcguru.com is an information site by Shailendra Wagadre.

Write your comments about the web site on this page. Don’t ask your queries here. Post those in State Government or Central Government Page.



  1. Thamizheniyan says:

    My father and mother are state goverment teachers in tamil nadu. Earning more than 6lac. Wheather i am creamy layer or not????

  2. Vijayalaxmi says:

    By seeing all discussion i came to know that parents income n caste is the base to decide a person’s caste and NCL status and I am a OBC NCL before marriage. How n where do i have to get my caste certificate after marriage, is it my native or my husband’s native?

  3. sanjiv kumar says:

    i am a jat who comes in obc category in up and i have non creamy layer certificate issued by up government. will i get age relaxation in banking jobs does all nationalized bank comes under central government ?

  4. A.Adithian says:

    My father is a Group B in central govt. with salary of 6 lakhs and my mother in state govt. with salary of 3.5 lakhs . No other source of income. Shall I eligible for OBC? My caste in OBC.

  5. sanjay kumar says:

    today i visit it bahut bara kam ksr rahe hai aap………………………………………………………………………
    all OBC will thankful to u

  6. DRRPSHARMA says:

    is creamy layer rules are different for various states of india then what are the basic criteria of creamy layer in rajasthan

  7. Virendra kumar says:

    I appreciate your efforts Mr Shailendra.

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